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The Astro Essentia Oracle Deck was created by practicing Astrologer and artist Courtney Sahl.

Typically astrology is taught from an intellectual place through words, books, very heady classes, etc. These cards offer another way to learn and/or be present with astrological information outside the mind space and in a more visual way. So for all you visual learners out there -- this is for you! 

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The Astro Essentia Deck features 36 digitally collaged cards which include the 12 signs of the zodiac, 10 major planets, the north and south nodes of the moon and the 12 astrological houses.

The accompanying 114-page guidebook is written with both beginners and those already comfortable with astrology in mind. It contains astrological information on all 36 cards and ideas on how to use the cards to explore natal placements, transits, aspects,  and more.  There is also a whole section on how to use the deck as a divination tool, similar to tarot and other oracle decks. 


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The 12 Zodiac Signs


The 10 Planets + The North and South Nodes of the Moon


The 12 Astrological Houses